For whom? Participants

Social workers, family assistants, probation officers

    The direct participants of the project will be the representatives of public institutions working with the socially excluded young people and their families:
  • social workers,
  • family assistants,
  • probation officers
  • and their counterparts in the partner countries
  • who are working with at least five families with the youth dependents aged 15 to 25

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The project is aimed at having impact on young people - final recipients of the activation actions undertaken by the target group. We assume that each of the 45 direct participants will support at least five young people at risk of social exclusion and / or early school leavers.

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Experts and decision makers

The creation and dissemination of project results may impact not only the representatives of the target group but also other stakeholders having a potential and real impact on the situation of young people: local, regional and national (in each partner country), social policy makers and education, experts, and, in general, personnel working with youth.

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