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"Integration through Inspirations"

is an innovative educational project addressed to the employees of public support institutions: social workers, family assistants, probation officers and their counterparts in partner countries.

The project is an initiative of three institutions: Polish Foundation In Posterum, German organisation - RegioVision GmbH Schwerin Spanish VET institution - Decroly.

Together, we recognize the need to change the approach to equalization of opportunities of young people leaving education prematurely. In an unconventional, interesting and motivating way we intend to inspire our project participants to create partnership relations with their recipients, relation based on empathy, trust, loyalty and responsibility.

The project will result in a creation of an effective tool for young people at risk of social exclusion inspired by the non-formal education philosophy.

Integration through Inspirations

Our innovative educational project is aimed at employees of public aid institutions. Our goal is to use non-formal education methods to combat the premature abandonment of science, unemployment and social exclusion of young people.


Non-formal education

In our daily work you support young people leaving early education, youth at risk of social exclusion. Meet the philosophy of non-formal education: "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand"


Online learning platform

This tool is designed for users and users - register,
interactive platform for inspiration, education, exchange of experience,
one of three outcomes intellectual project.


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