Founded in 1978, is a vocational education institution offering bilingual adult education courses and advanced education on various topics, including business administration and tourism.

DECROLY is a member of the association of Spanish educational providers, the "European Forum of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (EFVET)" and certified corresponding to various international quality management criteria.

DECROLY is an experienced VET organization that works with "diverse people" and try to put them into labor market. Our slogan is "Attention to Diversity is the core of teachers and teacher educators’ training". The Quality of education for everybody through equity and equal of opportunities is one of our main objective, so we design methods to include everybody into the social life. The age of our students are from 16 to 30 age. Each student has his own different individual characteristics which will affect his learning process, so, this is our work: everybody can reach the level but in different way. We design diversity program plan to be into the education system, adapting curricula to the level.

Furthermore, DECROLY has been engaged in European projects for several years, especially in the "Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci".

As an "Integration Through Inspirations" partner, DECROLY shows how Social Care is carried out in Spain and shares their knowledge as experts on dealing with youth, in this case, at risk of social exclusion.

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