In Posterum

In Posterum Foundation

Founded in 2003 - non govermental and non – profit organisation whose goal is to support the family and the individuals in all areas of life and fight against social exclusion.

Our experience

Our most important asset is long term experience in the use of innovative and comprehensive methods of social and professional activation of people at risk of social exclusion. Particularly In Posterum Foundation is working with the groups of: unemployed (including long term unemployed), women, eldery, people with mental or physical disabilities, national minorities (especially Roma Community).

Staff employed by the Foundation and its associates use methods involving the participants primarily all forms of workshops and individual approach corresponding with the specific needs, demands and issues of the recipients. Additionally, In Posterum address its activities to employees of public institutions (social workers, teachers, trainers etc.). Our scope of work on this field includes: conducting trainings for employees of public support institutions, carrying out social researches diagnosing the situation of people at risk of social exclusion as well as resources of supporting institutions.

Recently completed projects especially "Family Assistanst" have contributed to the improvement of work standards in the regional social care centers and led to the preparation of a model of support for families at risk of social exclusion. Our significant advantage is also experience in the implementation of local, regional, nationwide and international projects financed by ESF.

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Team = inspirations

We are not a large organisation. Permanently foundation employs 7 members of the staff. Our strength is rooted in a team made up of employees aimed at improving skills, realise their passions and interests, discover new talents and possibilities of their use in activities aimed at groups/individuals in need. This attitude allows us to constantly expand the horizons of our actions.

In Posterum = towards to the future

Openness to new challenges has allowed us to establish cooperation with many European partners interested in the implementation of educational, integrative and research programs. Participation in international projects resulted in the discovery of potential of non-formal education and desire to promote and use it in activities aimed at inspiring young people and their educators. Our next goal is to create Think Tank - an international interactive centre of research, analysis and exchange of experience in supporting families in crisis.

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