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Integration through Inspirations

Together we discovered the power of non - formal education and initiated cooperation to promote it in social integration institutions.

That’s how things began…

It started with a joint project of In Posterum and RegioVision. Exchange of experience, study visits, internships for our staff, a joint conference on professional activation, activities carried out under the transnational component in the Active Wroclawians project, resulted in an awareness of shared objectives, emphasized the power of exchange and cooperation, helped to build relationships based on trust, eventually resulted in the agreement of further cooperation.


We met again at an international workshop "Learn and train with all senses" organised by RegioVision. Among the participants they were other friends of our German partner - Decroly. Together we learned how to use non-formal education tools. We learned methods of: Theatre pedagogical approach; Metalog - experience oriented approach and the author's narrative method - Storytelling.


The meeting resulted not only in the inspiration to use new methods in everyday practice. Discussion and analysis of experience and problems of groups supported by partner organisations led to the preparation of the objectives of „Integration through Inspirations” project. Our activities are centered around helping individuals and groups facing for various reasons the risk of social exclusion. At the same time, each organization has experience specific to its own specialization. As a result, we tied the partnership and treat it as an opportunity to use the complementary competences to carry out innovative educational project.

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