Terms of participation in trainings and study visits carried out within "Integration through Inspirations" project:

The trainings and study visits will be attended by 15 national participants who:

  • work as social workers, family assistants or probations officer
  • are employees of public Social Care Institutions
  • are working with at least five families with the youth dependents aged 15 to 25
  • speak English communicatively
  • have registered on Internet Educational Platform of the project
  • have filled in the application form for the participants
  • have participated in a Focus Group Interview carrying out under the project at the scheduled time (interview duration approx. 2 hrs.)
  • will be available for full time training (5 working days) on a scheduled date
  • will be able to take part in two study visits (in Germany and Spain) lasting in total 10 working days
  • having completed the training will be able to take an active part in 4 month long stage of testing methods and tools presented at the trainings

Organizational information - trainings of the use of non-formal education in working with youth people at risk of social exclusion:

  1. Training will be organized in the period between IX 2016 and X 2016. Specific dates will be given to selected participants in advance.
  2. Participation in training is free of charge.
  3. Project organizers will cover travel costs and provide snacks and refreshments for participants
  4. Training group will be composed of 15 people - representatives of the social professions: social workers, family assistants, probation officers
  5. Tranining will be run by Wojciech Staniewski - trainer, youth educator and non - formal education expert
  6. All trainees will receive free training materials and training completion certificates

Organisational information - study visits for project participants in Germany (Schwerin) and Spain (Santander):

  1. Study visits will be organized in Schwerin (Germany) and Santander (Spain) in the period between X 2016. - XI 2016. Specific dates will be given to selected participants in advance.
  2. Participation in study visits is free of charge
  3. Each of the study visits will last five days (two days for travel 3 days for observation of work)
  4. The costs of: travel, accommodation, meals, insurance will be covered by the project organizers
  5. Participants will be obliged to evaluate the visits using a questionnaire prepared by the project organizers
  6. Each participant will receive a certificate confirming participation in the study visits

If you fulfill all of the above conditions - register on the platform Integration through Inspirations and fill in the application form
If you do not meet one or more terms of participation in trainings and study visits - you may still - take part in Focus Group Interview
Should you have any questions, doubts - please contact us

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