Trainings 28 . 09 . 2016

September 30 we will start trainings for 12 participants of the project "Integration through Inspiration. Non-formal education methods tool for equal opportunities for youth at risk of social exclusion." Participants are employees of public assistance institutions : social workers, family assistants, probation officers. The purpose of the training is to learn the methods of non-formal education, which will allow effective work with young people at risk of social exclusion.

The training was divided into three thematic modules:

MODULE I - Introduction to the youth work of methods of non-formal education

MODULE II - Planning activities with youth of non-formal education methods

MODULE III - Consolidation of non-formal methods of animating youth, transforming plans into real action

After completion of their training, participants will be challenged to use the knowledge to their work with young people.
Training will also take place in the countries of the project partners,Germany and Spain.